Nina Coll i Cristina Barriuso | Llar School Olot | May 8, 2019

Citilab team during our Faber residency we have visited “Llar School Olot”. We have done workshop with new Citilab robot that which called “Fantàstic”. This is a new robot developed by Citilab team. The robot consists of 3D print pieces, one handmade ED1 board and two motors. The ED1 board is programmed with microBlocks programming language. We had the opportunity to be with microBlocks team at Faber, so we could share ideas and projects.   

The workshop consisted to build and programming robots. The children had a lot of experience with visual programming language because they usually use Scratch. So, carrying out the workshop with them, vas very easy. We feel very impressive with the Neus role at School. She is ICT teacher and she has created a lot of projects to brings the opportunity to do the curricular contents using innovation and motivation way.