Carles Palacio and Helena Roura | Escola d’Arts i Disseny d’Olot | 18 May 2017

Carles Palacio and Helena Roura, membres of SomAtents, journalists group, gave a workshop to Photography’s students of Escola d’Arts i Disseny d’Olot in the context of their stay in Faber.

In the first part, both presented their work as photojournalists in SomAtents, as well as their experience as photographers in several media. Then, he spoke of the portrait of press and the resources to carry it out and made a comparison between the dynamics of production of mass media communication and the dynamics of SomAtents group, which works with more time.

Finally, they asked for the students made a portrait of someone’s environment. After an hour and a half, and after a quick edit, they commented the pictures one by one taking into account both formal and content criteria. The results were very interesting.