BIDE | Casal Cívic Olot | On September 17, 2018

The Movement and Image workshop that we present at the Casal de Gent Gran d’Olot in Olot is an introduction to the body movement and the possibilities that give us our gaze towards it through a camcorder. We offer to the participants the free movement of their bodys in order to reach a composition of their own view and observe the movement within the space where we are, the time we occupy and the sound space in which we are. Once each one has created their composition, we will introduce the camera with which we will realize how it changes all this reality we have created, as the audiovisual language transforms those phrases and how the rhythm of the image alters the rhythm of the movement.

Workshop given by Sebastián García Ferro, choreographer and dancer and Tristán Pérez-Martín, photographer and video producer. Both are part of the BIDE team.