Kristina Marie Darling | Poet, Critic and Editor

The Faber Residency is like no other program that exists for artists.  When I first arrived, I was struck by both the beauty of the place and the kindness of the individuals who organized the residency.  However, the most valuable aspect of my experience at Faber was the dialogue, conversations, and connections that I made with creative practitioners and educators working outside of my chosen discipline.  

From the very beginning, our conversations over wonderful dinners were wide-ranging and thought-provoking.  We discussed politics, pedagogy, creativity, and how they connected to our own practice as working artists and practitioners in the field.  I’ve learned more from being part of this community than I would have in a classroom, by far.  

As a result of the uninterrupted time and space to work on my project – truly, a gift – I have completed a draft of my textbook for poetry teachers, which is under contract with the University of Akron Press.  This draft is even stronger for the insights of others, and the ongoing dialogue between the educators and teaching artists in our group. 

As a result of the connections I’ve made with artists working at Faber, I’m looking forward to interviewing fellow resident Erica Buist for my weekly column at The Kenyon Review Online, and continuing the conversation beyond Faber, and will also continue to bring the dialogue and insights of the other resident artists into my everyday practice.