Faber, the Arts, Sciences and Humanities Residency of Catalonia in Olot is a place for professionals from the Arts, Sciences or Humanities fields (writers, translators, artists of diverse disciplines, scholars and scientists and so on) come to work on their personal projects for a time. That is why Faber offers:

a) On the one hand, thematic residencies programmed throughout year, in which professionals from the Arts, Sciences or Humanities fields can come to work and share experiences with other residents for a few days. During their stay, the residents will collaborate in different kinds of activities addressed to students, professionals or general públic. The activities will be carried out in accordance with a project, taking into account previous demands and necessities.

b) On the other hand, individual residencies that all professionals from the Arts, Sciences or Humanities fields can apply for coming to work on their professional projects for a few days. It is preferable these people come out of thematic residencies days.

People who is interested in some of these residencies can read more about this on Candidates.

Main axes

Contribution and innovation

Faber is a unique institution in the Catalan cultural landscape and we also want it gets to be also in the field of international residences. There are a few residences that work with thematic focus. Faber has worked on this from the beginning.

Talent and excellence

The residents of Faber are professionals, academics or creators that are supported by a curriculum and an excellent project.

Internationalization and cultural diplomacy

During the first nine months of life, 70 people from fifteen different countries have come to Faber. Residents have met Olot and Catalonia, and the city and the country have met them. The network of relationships between Catalan and foreign residents is getting bigger and more profitable. The same happens with the network of relationships established between Catalan and foreign institutions.

Social and cultural return

Faber is a service institution. Serving Catalan and foreign residents, institutions, associations and organizations with which it is related and, of course, to the citizens of Catalonia. The residence is a generator of activities: meetings, seminars, conferences, workshops and various activities that result in the benefit of the society that hosts them.


Francesc Serés, Director

He is the author of a considerable number of literary works, including the trilogy De fems i de marbres (Manures and Marbles, 2003), La força de la gravetat (The Force of Gravity, 2006), Caure amunt. Muntaner, Llull, Roig (Falling Up: Muntaner, Llull, Roig, 2008), Contes russos (Russian Stories, 2009), and Mossegar la poma (Bite the Apple, Quaderns Crema, 2012), all of which have been published by Quaderns Crema.

Gavina Freixa, Administration and Communication

She studied Media and Communication at the University of Wolverhampton (England) and worked for five years in the Communication field. Then she expanded her education studying Catalan Philology (UB) and made the postgraduate course in Linguistic Advice (UAB). She has worked for nine years as a Catalan corrector for Public Administration and companies.


Faber is on the premises of the Hotel Riu Fluvià, in Olot (la Garrotxa, Catalonia).



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