Roy Horovitz | Actor, director and dramaturg

This was my second visit to Faber Residency.

Last year, I could come for ten days only, and Francesc Serés was kind enough to let me complete my stay this year.

I had the most wonderful and fruitful two weeks: the charming city of Olot, the breathtaking view, the warm welcome everywhere, the Riu Fluvià hotel with its extraordinary facilities and staff and, of course, my fascinating, super intelligent and friendly colleagues.

And there was another ‘extra value’ to the whole experience. This time, unlike last year, we had a common theme and field of interest uniting us all: ‘Religion’.

We came from different parts of the world, from different beliefs (Being the only Jewish guy, I found myself celebrating Rosh Hashana, our New Year’s Eve, doing the traditional dipping of apple in honey, surrounded by my new ‘gentile’ friends: Tiina, Victor and Paul…), speaking different languages, eating different things (sausages at breakfast? Really? I’ll stick to my yogurt and cereals, thank you!), but sharing the same passion towards our work.

Outside the residency there were politics, demonstrations, referendum and a lot of tension going on… Inside, we created a small paradise of our own, where one could find true co-existence, respect for one another, humor, knowledge, art and beauty.

Thank you, good people of Faber and Happy New Year to all of us. Amen!