Yeray S. Iborra | Journalist

Audiences are just clicks (thousands, much better); content is not paid; information is only partially used and each piece of meat extracts the worst of each professional, forced by the journalistic companies to run, to smear contacts (people) and to elbow to those who pursue the same beast.

That is the current face of journalism.

Fortunately, it is not the only one: there are spaces where cooperation and sense of community return works as a modus operandi.

Faber has invited SomAtents again, a project in which I have been a membership during five years, to continue contributing to another way of doing and understanding journalism. Faber has matched us with colleagues of very different places to expose our points of view: similar conclusions but varied solutions. Many days where the imagination, from very different starting points, has served to widen the basis of what we understand by writing.

Faber has served us, has served me personally, to have space where the utmost concern has been what should be our utmost concern. And in a world of speed, fake news and information marketing, that is priceless. SomAtents has shared with others to continue exploring as a project and working to create a media that respects journalistic ethics and wants to weave community roots. Impact, but not in any way. Faber has allowed the group to go deeply in cooperation between professionals in an horizontal way: we do not want for others what we do not want for us.