Luis Guillermo Hernández | Journalist and professor

In Olot you have to lose yourself to find the way back. This is not a metaphor, it is a statement: you must walk slowly, without time, the sinuous paths of La Fageda, Natural Park of the Volcanic Area in Garrotxa, to forget many of the things that hinder and return to the starting point, this space where wants to write are kept, stories to tell and need to tell the world what you see, as you see.

It is the best gift you can receive from Faber Residency. The possibility of reunion with your initial impulse. The possibility that your dark days and dark nights are in balance again, as the equinox. This is a rare privilege. A caramel. Especially because you live this surrounded by colleagues, friends with similar interests, with similar stories, anecdotes so similar that allow you to understand that journalism, although it is from places so diverse as Mexico, Russia, the United States, Catalonia, actually it is a series of variations of the same phenomenon: the personal and collective search for modes of expression, the battle against the silence in our regions, the exploration of new narratives, projects that allow journalism remain useful in our societies.

On days when I was in Faber –I did not have any doubt– led me to a place that I did not visited long time ago. Perhaps because of vertigo of everyday work. Perhaps because of the result of everyday life. Perhaps because, as the old song says, one says goodbye imperceptibly to small things. I rediscovered this place while I was walking by paths in Olot, those good days that Faber Residency gave me.