Kate Good | PhD Student

At Faber, I expected to write a large portion of one chapter of my dissertation, perhaps go on a few walks, and brush up on my Catalan around the town of Olot. This experience would have left me very satisfied. What I did not know is that I would do all of those things and quite a bit more. 

During my three weeks at the residency, I:

-participated in nightly informal discussions, organized by fellow residents, on a wide variety of research projects

-regularly met with and talked to Faber’s incredibly engaged and professional leadership team

-discussed my work at Faber’s Open Day to the largest and most diverse audience I’ve ever had

-enjoyed nightly dinner conversations with fellow residents on topics ranging from the mundane (soup or salad?) to the meaningful (diversity in the workplace, equal pay for women)

-discovered new ways to broaden the scope of my project after discussing it with women from different fields including journalism, organizational studies, and philosophy

-practiced public humanities by sharing my research and my experiences with local media

-gave my first academic presentation in Catalan to local high school students

-visited Olot and several other beautiful towns nearby 

Because of the great variety of unexpected bonus experiences Faber offered, I found it to be an especially enriching and rewarding experience, academically, professionally, and personally. Moltes gràcies!