Esmeralda Berbel | Writer and teacher of Creative Writing

It’s the first time I’ve had an experience like this, to be cared for, well cared for, and recognized in the importance of my work, all this luxury in a beautiful setting, Olot, in a quiet hotel where the Faber Residency is located.  Pau, Gavina and Frances are so kind that it is hard to accept and believe that they have given you five or seven days of stay in paradise.

I arrived at the Residence on a Monday and I was writing morning and afternoon, for five days, a short stay but I made the most of it because that was all I had to do. You get up and there is a breakfast buffet at your disposal, included in the gift of the stay, you have breakfast like a queen, you walk through the woods, you bathe in the swimming pool —frozen in winter— you walk around or around the village that is ten minutes away on foot, you submerge yourself in your own room and continue until lunchtime. In these spaces of rest I have known and shared with my companions, those that in those moments also were in the individual residence, very rich for me to be able to comment the process, the doubts and even to read us some fragments. In the afternoon I return to write until 20 hours when you can go down to dinner. Dinner is part of the gift: exquisite, luxury.

I would repeat every two months, this gift remains in me forever, and it has reminded me of the importance of finding more time to devote myself fully to the new project I am creating.

Thank you very much.