Philathia Bolton | INS Castell d’Estela (Amer) | January 17, 2020

Whether they be fiction or nonfiction, stories hold value for our societies because they can be tools for learning, explained Dr. Bolton. In her talk on the famous basketball player LeBron James, she used his life’s story to offer a lesson on how one might join “passion” with “purpose.” Passion was described, in the context of James’s life’s story, as a strong desire to be the best at a talent one possesses. Dr. Bolton pointed out that James not only pursued his passion for basketball. He also used the fame he acquired through the sport to fulfill a larger life purpose, which was to support education and young people in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. Dr. Bolton presented to two, attentive groups of students. At one point, during the presentation, a student queried the teacher for clarity on a word: “What does ‘purpose’ mean?” To which the teacher replied, “it’s like having an objective or a goal.” Dr. Bolton agreed and added to the explanation as she continued, engaging the students in questions at times and helping them to make connections along the way.  The youth impressed her as being kind and overall invested in understanding the talk. She found it to be a great success.