Amelie G.Y. Fan, Catherine S.Y. Li & Sherry Li Xie | ESAGED UAB | April 25, 2019

Three of us, Amelie G.Y. Fan, Catherine S.Y. Li and I, Sherry Li Xie, from Renmin University of China were invited to hold a 3-hour seminar with the faculty and students of archival science and records management at the Autonomous University of Barcelona on April 25, 2019. We talked about the Balancing Pervasive Information System project and its two component studies that focused on, respectively, governance accountability and legal transparency in China. All these projects are rooted in archival science and digital records management, and we address questions such as how the pervasive digital technologies are affecting our lives and what should we – the traditional constituent of accountability forces – respond. On the same note, I introduced the findings of the study, Competing with Artificial Intelligence, Can the Records management Profession Survival, which assessed the impact of the new developments in artificial intelligence on the records management profession. This experience proves to be invaluable. We had this wonderful opportunity to exchange our views with our colleagues at the UAB and as well, other Faber residents such as Dennis Kim-Prieto, Geert-Jan Van Bussel and Thiara Alves. We came to the program with a strong belief in what we do and we are confident by now, that we will go back with one that is only strengthened and reinforced.