Oliver Elliott | Petit Plançó school  16 March 2017

Oliver Elliott gave a short presentation on what it means to be a historian and how he became interested in the history of American journalism. He explained how historians do field research in archives around the world, including museums, libraries and even the homes of individual people. He then explained how historians emphasise three concepts (subjectivity, empathy and causality) when studying the past. In the second half of the presentation, he discussed how protesting against the Iraq War in 2003 made him aware of the power of different media narratives and how this inspired him to study the history of media coverage of conflict. After briefly outlining his own research on American journalists writing about South Korea after World War Two, he suggested that good journalism and history writing share much in common. The students then asked some questions- including about the possibility of objectivity and the meaning of historical causality.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, Oliver, and thank you once again, Petit Plançó!