Laia Seró i Gerardo Santos | INS Bosc de la Coma (Olot) | 18 de maig de 2017

Laia Seró and Gerardo Santos, journalists and members of the journalism action collective SomAtents, talked at the Bosc de la Coma institute (Olot) yesterday afternoon.

During one hour and a half that lasted the event, the journalists explained to the students the basic concepts we have to control when we have to prepare a report. From the first steps (the choice of the issue, the importance of documentation) to the final draft, the speakers emphasized the journalistic point of view and approach: each person has personal experiences that make his/her view of the world. There are not two identical texts about the same subject, in the same way that there are not two same points of view.

The talk ended with an explanation of the basic characteristics when we write a text of literary journalism: the action, the scene and the characters.

Thank you, Laia and Gerardo, for this so interesting session, and thank you, Bosc de la Coma institute, for your collaboration.