Can Trincheria, Olot
Monday November 14 2016, 7pm

Kristiina Drews (Lappeeranta, 1952) is a literary translator from English into Finnish. She has been a translator for 35 years, translating fiction of both British and American authors, as well as some African and Indian writers. Among the best-known authors there are Margaret Atwood, Michael Cunningham, William Faulkner, Julian Barnes, Vladimir Nabokov, Joyce Carol Oates, Harper Lee i Nadine Gordimer.

She has also translated several musicals with her colleague Jukka Virtanen, such us West Side Story, Saturday Night Fever and Miss Saigon. She is currently translating the novel At-Swim-Two-Birds, by Irish writer Flann O’Brien.

Drews will talk about topics such as: how did she become a translator, how does a literary translator work, how has the process of translation changed over the years, how about the relationship between authors and translators and what is her project at Faber Residency

*Lecture in English without simultaneous interpreting.