Thursday November 3 2016, 7 pm

Casal Marià

David Manderson is a Scottish writer of fiction and non-fiction. He is a veteran of the losing side of votes for Scottish independence. A writer and academic, he cast his Yes with his co-authored book Scottish Miserablism: a look at the schizophrenic adolescence that afflicts his home nation. He sees the defeat of Yes as not a defeat but another step on the way towards independence, which Brexit has hastened. And looks forward to the day Scotland grows up

Scotland is a small and immensely creative country. The role of the arts and culture is one that many are rightly proud of. But do we portray Scotland in the light we should? There is a tendency in film, literature and other cultural output to portray the negative aspects of Scottish life. The Glass Half Full, filmmaker Eleanor Yule and academic David Manderson explore the origins of this bleak take on Scottish life, its literary and cultural expressions, and how this phenomenon in film has risen to the level of a genre which audiences both domestic and international see as a recognisable story of contemporary Scotland.

What does miserablism tell us about ourselves? When did we become cultural victims? Is it time we move away from an image of Scotland that constantly casts itself as the poor relation?

David Manderson is staying at Faber Residency in the October-November period. Francesc Serés, director of Faber, will introduce the talk.

* David Manderson will speak in English, without simultaneous interpreting. 

Casal Marià