Laia Seró Moreno | Petit Plançó school | 19 May 2017

Laia Seró Moreno is journalist and member of the journalism action collective SomAtents, has given a talk to the third Secondary’s students of Petit Plançó school today, Friday 19 May.

— «Which newspapers you read?»

— «Many few… There aren’t newspapers which we identify with… I don’t like 30 years old peple or older tell me what topics I have to read…»

For one hour and a quarter, which began with forceful interventions like these, the journalist tried to trasmit to students the importance of the right to information, as well as social responsibility of the journalist and also the readers, like them. In this way, Laia Seró said –on more than one occasion– that the low interest shown by some young people for journalism is responsibility of the profession. A profession that from the beginnnig of crisis has been constructing alternatives to conventional media, with independence of economical and political powers. A group of media that, unfortunately, give little relevance to smaller media.
Laia Seró and the thirty students also thought issues that press often don’t talk about it. Issues that they miss in newspapers. And also they talked about the last essays about historical memory and linguistical politics that she has followed.