Tiina Kristoffersson | Malagrida school (Olot) | September 21, 2017

Tiina Kristoffersson visited the 5th grade students (11 years old) to tell them about Finland, Finnish culture and the religious landscape. After introducing herself to the children, Kristoffersson showed the pupils the map of Europe and together with children we located the City of Olot and the country of Finland on the map. Kristoffersson told the pupils some basic facts about Finland, e.g. that Finland has two official religions: the Lutheran and the Eastern Orthodox. We studied pictures of the two churches and discussed about the differences in how the churches look like. In order to understand the differences in the visual appearance between the Orthodox, Catholic and Lutheran churches Kristoffersson told the children the story about Martin Luther, the father of the reformation, and his influence on the Scandinavian Christianity. In the end of the lecture we discussed different kinds of prayer beads that are common for many religions. Children had a chance to see Lutheran prayer beads made by Tiina Kristoffersson. The children were active and asked questions about Finland.