Carles Palacio | Cor de Maria School (Olot) | 17 May 2017

Carles Palacio spoke about the profession of photojournalist, what kind of work does exactly and especially the importance of image in the world today and in the media. He emphasized the responsibilities that photojournalist has towards society and how a picture well done or poorly done can influence, the importance of captions and coherent visual in a discourse with photographs. He showed how from a daily fact very simple can be extracted an issue or a series of photographs “with a very high visual content and hook”. Finally, he showed that behind the small acts and situations of everyday life there are small and big stories.

In the second part of the workshop he has request 3-5 images with an scene of the day that they consider interesting or simply want to show to their colleagues or to the world.

Thank you, Carles, for this session so interesting, and thanks, Cor de Maria school, for your interest..