Eileen Truax, Luís Guillermo Hernández and Celia Castellano | Can Trincheria (Olot) | 18 May 2017

We know that journalism has helped to know and also to curb many abuses of power, but has also worked as a transmission belt of many undemocratic powers, powers that have encouraged inequality or totalitarianism. We have talked to Eileen Truax, Luís Guillermo Hernández and Celia Castellano.

The topics discussed have been diverse. Celia Castellano has mentioned the difficult relationship that we can establish with the media in crisis which have previously been submissive with powers that have abused the population. The case of Canal 9 in Valencia is one of them, but we can also do different valuation of the crisis that affects the headlines of Barcelona.

Eileen Truax expressed the need of working as a group to reach areas where traditional media can not reach. She described the need to find ways of expression that can make effective representation of groups that are invisible in the press and the audiovisual media that are part of mainstream communication.

Luís Guillermo Hernández mentioned the different scale of values and measurement systems that can be set when we talk about journalism. The situation of journalism in Mexico is really hard, sometimes a desperate isolation. We can speak about levels of disaster: here the crisis of journalism can be economic, but in Mexico is to save yourself.