Robotics II

From May 3 to May 13, 2019


Faber, the Residence for Arts, Sciences and Humanities of Catalonia in Olot, will dedicate a residency in the field of educational robotics. A programming language, such as the one used to program robots, is not just a matter of engineers or computer scientists with a great deal of knowledge. Nothing beyond reality.

A programming language does not differ too much from the verbal language we use to express ourselves. At one year of age, kids can already articulate some words. At the age of two, they make themselves understood in their own way. But it is not until the obligatory studies are finished that we are able to express ourselves without making too many mistakes.

The solution is simple: graphic languages. These languages allow us to express in a very visual and simple way the behavior we want the devices we program to have.

Scratch, Snap, MicroBlocks and Blockly are some of the graphical languages thought for the visual learning of computer programs and that now are used for the learning by means of the programming of small educational robots. Their use from a very young age allows them to be competent in something that is important in our current context: computational thinking. Having this capacity from an early age is a good tool for learning more complex content.

Faber organizes this robotics stay in collaboration with the team of Robolot technicians, who will provide residents, activities and also the organization of the Robolot days. In this stay we want to bring together connoisseurs and experts from around the world to work on this issue.

This is why we are addressing professionals in the field, as well as researchers and teachers whose projects have to do with the topics mentioned above.