Local Development

From January 14 to January 31, 2019


How are our cities and regions developing? What are the future challenges they face in a global world? What are the new ideas that help us rethink public-private partnerships? At Faber we are aware that the centres of power and decision making have shifted and are in constant tension, that economic activity, a guarantee of a sustainable human future, faces dilemmas that it has never had before and that this notably affects the places where we live. Citizens want to be able to decide their future, and they want to do so from their city, from their town from their village, from their region.

Local economic development is a relatively new multidisciplinary field, framed by economics, geography, anthropology or political science, among others, and with an intimate link to culture and the tangible and intangible heritage of territories.

At Faber we would like to talk about public policies that exist in Catalonia and abroad aimed at promoting local development and the agents that drive them. That is why we organized a stay on the future of local economic development (LED) with the objective of discussing its challenges, bringing together knowledge from representatives of different disciplines and different territorial contexts, assessing and deepening the impact of globalization and technology on LED and the resulting policies, debating the governance model and the optimal scope of action, deepening the methodology of analysis of the competitiveness of the territories that will allow for a better diagnosis to define strategies for LED and define key indicators to enhance the evaluation of the impact of LED policies and to detect good international practices.

That is why at Faber we are launching a call for economists, anthropologists, historians, engineers, architects, lawyers, researchers and all types of professionals in this field. We encourage you to submit projects that follow the lines of work and thought described above.