From April 14 to April 21, 2020

(De)conceptualising constitutional foundations and myths

During this stay, residents will work and discuss the fundamental legal issues of our discipline such as legitimacy, law and violence; human rights and colonialism; self-determination and the principle of state unity, the way of life of the EU and the examples of constitutional theology in imposed constitutionalism. Each of the participants (with pseudonym) will present a topic, and the rest of the listeners (also with pseudonym) will critically comment on the presentation. The sessions will be recorded and then transcribed into different chapters to write a book, following the form of the classical Athenian dialogues.

The aim of this methodology is to debate these aspects in an uncomplicated way and not subject to the limits and restrictions imposed by the concepts of what is politically correct. The objective is to be able to take advantage of the freedom granted the pseudonym to deal, with dogmatic aspects of law and political science, from different academic perspectives and controversial positions.

These and other themes that can be related are some of the axes of work that will follow Faber during this period. All types of professionals who work in the field of political science or who have reflected on some of its main themes are eligible, economists, sociologists, philosophers, historians…

On the other hand, as always, Faber’s objective in this stay on political science is to favour exchange between residents and the educational community that welcomes them, in Olot, in la Garrotxa and in Catalonia.