From November 22 to November 24, 2019

BIDE (Barcelona International Dance Exchange) is an organization that offers services to movement professionals (choreographers and dancers) and performance from 2007 to the present. One of the objectives of BIDE is to give value to the movement arts within the contemporary social context through creative exchange and networking among performing arts professionals of international scope. BIDE promotes mobility and exchange between artists of different ages, cultures and backgrounds, and also promotes dialogue between different models, ideologies and realities through transversal participation dynamics. It works with a structure for exchange and creative training in the form of laboratories.
BIDE organizes three types of activities during the year:
1. Lab-meeting, a one-week event held every spring at La Caldera de Las Cortes in Barcelona, and Lab-meeting satellite is the same format as Lab-meeting but is held elsewhere, outside its headquarters and with a duration of three or five days, at the request of the place where it is contracted.
2. Lab-Residency, a residency program in collaboration with our partners.
3. Introductory seminars to the work of BIDE laboratories and conferences on artist entrepreneurship networks.

During our stay at Faber we will meet all the BIDE team to finish the consultancy that has been carried out throughout the last course to redefine the business model and design a strategic plan. The meeting of the team in a quiet environment will help us to assess the work done and establish the necessary steps for the new stage of the project.