Mathematics II

From February 19 to March 4, 2018

Community of practice

A group of mathematicians from around the world will work at the Faber Residence for two weeks in a European project for free software research and mathematical languages. They began to develop this project in their first stay in Faber between February and March 2017.


Mathematicians | Community of practice

We arrived at Faber knowing a bit what to expect, since about a year ago we had already spent two weeks in Olot. Being the only Catalan participant who stayed for the whole period (the other local resident stayed only for three days) had put me in the position of a host to the others. Of course, this was an easy task: the natural beauty surrounding us, a comfortable atmosphere in the hotel and, of course, the great team at Faber. But what we didn’t expect the sunny and warm day when we arrived was that we would be able to enjoy snow as we did! It snowed for almost two full days, which changed completely the view from the room where we met to work. It was so entertaining to see, that we were careful in choosing those seats offering the best views! At the end, we got a lot of work done. Some of us learned how to start developing code for Sage (an open-source mathematics software project), some exchanged ideas on how to contribute code, and some fixed bugs and added features. We are looking forward to another edition of this beautiful residence.

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