Mathematics I

February –

March 2017

Community of practice

A group of mathematicians from around the world were working in Faber Residency for two weeks in a European research project of free software and mathematical languages. It is the first community of practice in Faber. 


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The lives of mathematics

The gap we have with some disciplines is both huge and non-existent at the same time. We live and breathe mathematics; it is in everything that we do.

Talk on mathematics at the Petit Plançó

On Tuesday, 7 March, the mathematicians Julian Pfeifle and Marc Masdeu gave a talk to about sixty third-year and fourth-year ESO students at the Escola Petit Plançó. With the aid of a video in English, which gave an overview of some fields of mathematics, they talked...

Domesticant l’atzar (The Taming of Chance)

“Domesticant l’atzar (The Taming of Chance)”, talk by three mathematicians at the INS La Garrotxa This morning, the mathematicians Marc Masdeu, Vincent Delecroix and Jean-Philippe Labbé gave two talks at the INS La Garrotxa. The first was to third-year compulsory...