Humanities III

January – February 2017

Faber hosted a group of professionals coming from several countries who worked on projects related to various fields of letters: fiction, translation, literary essays, dramaturgy, theatre, knowledge management.

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Discussion: Talk about literature and creation

Biblioteca Fages de Climent (Figueres), 9th February Lila Azam, writer internationally recognized, and Jakuta Alikavazovic, winner of the Goncourt prize for first novel, talked about how the job  of new writers, how they relate to the world, what expect of the...

Lecture: “Read Roberto Bolaño”

Aula d’Escriptura de Girona, 2th February Through a first reading of the papers of Roberto Bolaño archive, Valerie Miles proved that Bolaño wrote almost twenty years in a disciplined way without publishing almost nothing, and through his continuous recycling method,...