May 2018


Faber, the Arts, Sciences and Humanities Residency of Catalonia in Olot, is going to dedicate a residency period to the field of Robotics. We are aware of the importance of technology in our life, its implications for our everyday life and for the future. It is also a very wide field, so the main objective of this residency period is to tackle some of the questions that may affect us directly. What kind of implications does robotics have in decision making? How can it help us create the future of progress and with more social justice? What kind of political and social implications will the on coming work revolution have? How do we need to educate our students? What is the role of new technology applied in robotics in finding solutions for sustainability of our planet? How does the development of robots affect human ethics and behaviour? How about artificial intelligence? All these questions, and others that residents would like to add or to raise, are going to be the pivot of the residency period at Faber, which is taking place from 7th till 20th of May, 2018.

Faber organises the residency period on robotics in collaboration with a team of professionals from Robolot, they are bringing in residents, activities and organise an event on robotics – Days of Robolot. That is why we address all kinds of professionals, researchers, instructors, etc., whose projects are related to the above mentioned topics. Faber is an interdisciplinary residency that accepts projects coming from different fields. So, engineers, IT professionals but also teachers, sociologists, philosophers, architects, writers, artists and other people whose project is related to robotics may apply for the residency.