Gisela Carrasco | INS Bosc de la Coma | October 26, 2018

The INS Bosc de la Coma invited me to talk about my learnings in the field of research to high school students. The talk was the first of a series of talks to the students who are about to begin their research work. The conversation with students has turned around in one of the main learning I have learned during the years in relation to research: researching is not only learning a reading or research methodology but also becoming aware of what can be done with what I want to investigate In this context, the talk has started with two questions: What do I care about? Why do I research this?

During the time for questions and comments with the students, we have discussed how these first questions allow us to locate ourselves in research works that think about real and common problems to help us learn to live together. The talk closed with the bell that warned us that an hour has already passed, an hour that I hope has opened more questions than answers.