CREACCIÓ | Vic | January 25, 2019

In the context of the studies realized by Osona Socioeconomic observatory, coinciding with the presentation of Osona Annual Report of 2018, a workshop among technicians and politics responsible of local development in Osona was organized.  The objective of this workshop was to present the most relevant figures of 2018 and create a space for reflection and foster a technical-politician debate around Osona threat’s and challenge’s. Faber residents gave the presentation and energized the session, the participants were divided in three small groups in order to get everyone to participate and at the end of the sessions the three groups shared their conclusions. The outstanding challenges were to tackle the training level of Osona citizens and avoid the acceleration process of becoming a dual territory. Oriol Estela, the resident with deep knowledge and experience in strategic planning gave the audience some advice; Osona has work to encourage public-private consensus and do not expect the solution will come from outside but from the own territory.