Sandra Balagué | Journalist

I’m home again, in Barcelona, but my eyes are full of scenery. It’s part of what Faber left me. And I think it will take me days to leave. What was Faber? Its director, Francesc Serés, expressed it very well. It was Friday, having dinner with the other two residents with whom I have coincided, Fátima Llambrich and Marta Buchaca (the first days I also coincided with Esmeralda Berbel). “This is quality time”, he said as if nothing had happened. And since then Marta, Fàtima and I repeated it as a mantra. Because you can’t tell the truth: Faber is exactly that, quality time. Time to think, to create, to speak. Time. Time for the good, productive time despite the fact that sometimes you get frustrated because it seems to you that what you do is worthless.

I especially want to thank Faber for the human contact. The contact with Francesc, Gavina and Pau, the three attentive, diligent, bonhomiosos. And the contact, also, with the other residents, all flag women. First, the Esmeralda Berbel, with whom I shared the first days of residence. Then, Fàtima Llambrich and Marta Buchaca. Great and talented companions, the three of them, with whom I have had meals, walks and, above all, priceless conversations about creation, art and life in general.

I’m home now, but I know Faber isn’t over. Can there be an end to something that does so much good to the soul and that reactivates body and mind and stings to create? I don’t think so. Faber has been a stop for me, a necessary backwater. The consequences cannot be predicted. To know what I will do, from so much conversation, so much walk and so much scribbled leaf.

 Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Long live Faber!