Wen Hsia

Architect and Professor

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

From March 12 to March 25, 2018

Biography —


Wen Hsia is a practising architect and visiting lecturer at University of Malaya and Singapore University of Technology and Design. She has a passion in promoting lateral thinking in design within herself and students.

She makes up one half of WHBC Architects, a design practice which strives to find the right idea and inspiration for each and every proposition they work on. The practice believes design is an intricate balancing act of utility, technology and emotions in its specific place.

Their recent works include a house crafted from old telegraph poles, a dog hotel, a durian collecting shed and a communal bath for the indigenous people. Their curiosity and tireless experiments have won them international awards and had their works exhibited and published in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Project —

The project in the residency will be articles on ideas and thoughts of architecture and thinking as a means of educating students and young designers. Various ways of thinking and the methodologies will be studied and analysed in writing.

There will be research on architecture, landscape and the community of Olot. The subjects will be recorded in writing, photography and drawing. The study will be developed through field study in Olot and discussion with the Faber team and residents. Insights and ideas from people of various fields and different regions will generate diverse viewpoints and diminish tunnel visions.