Vít Tuček

Postdoc in Representation theory of Lie Groups

Zagreb (Croatia)

From February 19 to march 4, 2018

Biography —

He did his masters and PhD at the Mathematical Institute of the Carles University in Prague. His scientific work lies at the intersection of representation theory and differential geometry and during his PhD studies he earned a living as a programmer. In February 2018 he starts as a postdoc at the University of Zagreb. His PhD thesis concentrated on classification and construction of invariant differential operators. He uses Sage since 2011 and he has contributed several bugfixes. During the work on his thesis he used it extensively to check whether his general calculations are correct and to produce visualisations and examples. 

Project —

I intend to fix few Sage bugs that I have encountered during the work on my PhD thesis. Then I want to implement parabolic pairs of root systems and calculations of the BGG resolutions. I think I can benefit from discussion with other participants because my future research concerns polytopes and cones on which the BGG resolutions have the same shape.