Viktoriia Panova

Research fellow, PhD, Reader in Political Science

Donetsk (Ukraine)

From October 28 to November 7, 2017

Biography —

Viktoriia Panova is a political scientist from Ukraine working as a researcher and lecturer at Karlstad University in Sweden. She is actively investigating the areas of European policy-making, and entrepreneurship and innovations for economic recovery and growth with a special focus on innovation agendas’ implementation in stable and unstable conditions. Her PhD thesis (2010) was devoted to the models of European regional policies for Ukraine and was further followed by her postdoc projects on “Europe-2020” and “Smart Specialization” agendas for EU and non-EU regions. In her present research she analyzes potential opportunities for female entrepreneurship and political change in East-European regions, and in particular: in the crisis-affected regions of Ukraine. Her international publication history includes papers and presentations on the issues of crisis, entrepreneurship and policies for regional change.      

Project —

Her project is aimed at surveying how female entrepreneurs and innovators in different regional political settings can carry out micro business in crisis-affected areas and transformed environments through internationalization of their activities, given the cases of Spanish and Ukrainian regions. Based upon her previous studies permeating the domains of political science and crisis management, she seeks to analyze further potential opportunities for female resilient entrepreneurship and political entrepreneurship in Europe.