Vera Boitcova

Performance artist

St-Petersburg (Russia)

From February 3 to February 17, 2020

Biography —

Personal Web

Performance and video artist, a queer clown and puppeteer, a feminist and LGBT activist. Member of ‘Coming Out’ LGBT-organization (Saint-Petersburg). An immigrant for the last 8 years – lived, studied and worked in England, China and Finland. 

Queen Mary University of London graduate (MA Theatre and Performance, 2015). Kone Foundation art grant recipient (2020 – for ‘Tales of Transformation’ project). Artist in residency: Loviisa Artists’ Studio (Loviisa, Finland, 2019), Hectolitre (Brussels, Belgium, 2019), Saari (Finland, 2020). In recent years performed at Art Muse (Saint-Petersburg), Forum (Loviisa), Birmingham MAC, Battersea Arts Centre, Camden Peoples Theatre, Camden Centre, Brighton Dome, at various Duckie events, and in a number of galleries across the UK and Russia.

Artistic interests include: use of digital technologies in performative practices, macabre and horror tropes, mental health issues representation in art, and documentary storytelling.

Project at Faber —

‘Tales of Transformation’ is a video/live performance and archive project that explores the possibility of transforming personal traumas, mostly regarding gender, sexuality, and identity issues, into fairytales filled with digital ghosts and video-twins. This project is a form of healing through creative expression, deliberate exaggeration, and looking at personal trauma (or any important experience) from a different angle. The final goal is to create a communal interactive fairytale book, a sort of collection that can be updated whenever a new participant arrives. Another important goal is to increase ‘queer characters visibility’ in the medium.