Tanja Dittfeld

PhD Candidate / University Teacher

Sydney (Australia)

From February 17 to February 28, 2020

Biography —

Tanja is a Danish feminist with a strong interest in glocal social structures, inequalities and social (in)justice, particularly in relation to gender and sexuality. As a PhD candidate with the School of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney, Tanja’s research explores the broader conflicts over social change, political (state) power, and global hierarchies in which the (de)criminalisation of LGBT+ peoples in Africa are embedded. Tanja simultaneously teaches units on poverty, social exclusion, ageing and mental health to bachelor and master students.

Prior to her PhD, Tanja worked with sex workers, people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS, people with disabilities, and LGBT+ persons in civil society organisations in Denmark, Thailand, Uganda and Zambia. Most recently, Tanja worked as a project manager for the AIDS-Foundation in Denmark, running three national projects. She is also a Humanity in Action Senior Fellow and former Board Member.

Project at Faber —

The methodological bedrock of my PhD research is decolonisation. In short, this entails rewriting and rerighting the coloniality of knowledge. Decolonising research thus demands that research practices are reflexively consequential, ethical, critical, respectful, and humble, which in turn renders collective ownership, data analysis and presentation between research participants and researcher crucial. During my stay at Faber, I will therefore be working on how to translate these ideological and epistemological demands of decolonisation into praxis in my upcoming fieldwork.

I furthermore consider the residency a very welcome opportunity to connect with and debate different aspects of LGBT+ scholarship, activism, and lived experiences.