Svetlana Alypova

Master’s student at the Department of the Ibero-Romance languages

Moscow (Russia)

From March 12 to March 15, 2020

Biography —

Svetlana Alypova is a Master’s student at the Faculty of Philology of Moscow State University. She is interested in literary translation and Catalan language. In March of 2019 she took part in the second workshop of literature translation from Catalan to Russian at MSU. During the workshop the participants translated a fragment of Albert Sánchez Piñol’s novel Fungus and were able to ask the writer some questions about his work. Svetlana participated in the 5th and the 6th meetings TIPECE organised by Institut Ramon Llull. Also, twice she took part in the Language Stays in Catalan-speaking Areas, in the Catalan Language University Campus 2017 and in the Summer Language Stay on the Balearic Islands 2019.

Project at Faber —

At Faber I am going to work on the translation from Catalan to Russian of the short story Ronyó by Jordi Puntí. It is a part of the Literary Translation WorkshopIf lead by Nina Avrova and Margarida Ponsatí. If everything goes all right, the translation will be published in a special edition of a Russian literary magazine Inostrannaia literatura dedicted to the catalan literature.