Susie Hammond

Poet, Writing Mentor

Seattle, Washington (USA)

From October 23 to November 7, 2017

Biography —

A former journalist, editor, publisher, teacher, and arts educator, Susie now writes poetry. Poetry is able to relieve oppression by bringing healing to the loss of human capacity that can present as silence and trauma in oppression’s wake. Poetry can encourage human resilience and foster respect.

Underlying Susie’s poetry is her long-standing interest in the evolution, science, and aesthetics of human symbol-making to express human connection. She explores the power of language and questions how that power’s used, to consider alternatives to dynamics of domination, and to contribute to developing models of relationality.

Susie is an alumna of California’s Squaw Valley Community of Writers, and of Alberta, Canada’s Leighton Artist Colony at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity. Dalcroze rhythm studies have featured her poetry and fiction. A new poem is forthcoming in The Squaw Valley Review.

Project —

At Faber, Susie will be continuing her research and generating new poems to include in a collection-in-progress. Her collection’s working title is Daughters and Journeys. Its scope is oppression, healing and connection through a relational Feminist lens.