Stephen Plant

Theologian and Anglican priest

Cambridge (United Kingdom)

From September 27 to October 13, 2017

Biography —

Dr. Stephen Plant is Dean and Runcie Fellow at Trinity Hall in the University of Cambridge, where he teaches Christian Theology and Ethics. He is author and editor of several books including Bonhoeffer (Bloomsbury/Continuum 2004) The SPCK Introduction to Simone Weil (SPCK: 2007), Taking Stock of Bonhoeffer (Ashgate: 2014) and After Virtue: Towards a Theology of International Development (Routledge: 2018)each of which deal, at least in part, with the interaction of Christian theology, ethics and political life. From 2009-14 he edited the journal Theology (SPCK/SAGE). He is an Anglican Priest and has also worked in local ministry and as Europe Secretary of the British Methodist Church.

Project —

During my stay in Faber I aim to research write the better part of a biography of the Swiss theologian Karl Barth (1886-1968). By any standard, Barth is one of the most significant Christian theologians of the 20th century; many believe him to be the most important theologian of the modern era.  My plan during the Residency is to write a first draft of a central chapter in the book covering the years 1933 and 1934. This was the period when Barth was at the centre of opposition to Nazi state interference in Church life, culminating in the Barmen Declaration –written by Barth– which marks the high-water mark of speaking truth to power.