Sophie Gonick

Assistant Professor, Metropolitan Studies Program, Department of Social & Cultural Analysis, New York University

New York and San Francisco

From November 5 to November 19, 2019

Biography —


Sophie Gonick is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Social & Cultural Analysis at New York University, where she teaches in the Metropolitan Studies Program. She is a scholar of urbanism, immigration, and social movements, with particular attention to questions of race and gender. She studies the relationship between urban development and governance, migrant communities, and grassroots organizing. As an interdisciplinary scholar, she employs both ethnographic and archival methods to understand our contemporary urban worlds. She has also written about squatting and urban informality in Madrid. In 2018, she co-organized and hosted the first Fearless Cities North America, which brought together activists, policymakers, academics, and journalists. Her work has appeared in Antipode, The Avery Review, IJURR: International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, International Labour and Working Class History, and Society & Space. She holds a Ph.D. and a Masters in City Planning (M.C.P.) from the Department of City & Regional Planning from the University of California, Berkeley; and an A.B. from Harvard College.

Project at Faber —

While in residence, Sophie will be completing work on her manuscript, Against Homeownership: How Migrants Sparked a Movement. The book analyzes the intersection of housing and immigration, with attention to the role of Ecuadorian migrants in the anti-evictions movement in Madrid. The book reveals how migrants can catalyze social movement organizing. In this case, distinct histories with other systems of land and governance, activism, and politics offered alternative interpretations of society and space, sparking one of Spain’s most potent social movements.