Siyi (Catherine) Li

PhD researcher

Beijing (China)

From April 23 to April 30, 2019

Biography —

Siyi (Catherine) Li is a PhD student at Renmin University of China, Beijing. She finished her master degree program in Archival Science and now is a second-year PhD student in information resource management with her research interest in relationships between freedom of information and records management, supervised by professor Sherry L. Xie at iSchool @ Renmin University of China. Ms. Li will be a visiting international research student at iSchool @ University of British Columbia from August 2019 to July 2020. During her study in iSchool @ UBC, she will focus her research on relationships between digital records management and the administering of Freedom of Information in the context of technological transformation in China under the supervision of professor Luciana Duranti.

Project —

During our stay at Faber, we will join the Archives & Information Governance program and propose to present our research on Proactive Publication vs. Disclosure by Request: The Technology-Driven Practice of Opening Government Information in China and Its Implications for Digital Records Management. It reports on the study that, as the first of its kind, focused on examining the relationships between opening government information and digital records management in China. Hope that the outcomes of our projects will contribute to the program and its participants.