Silvia Retortillo

Social Educator and Tourist Information Assistant


From 24 January to 26 January, 2019

Biography —

Silvia is a restless and socially oriented person. She works from the municipality of Carcaboso with the associative fabric and actively participating in the projects that are proposed in the municipality. She is an active member of each of the associations to which she belongs, working for the common good.

Project —

I work as a link between the associative fabric of the community and the institution, working all together for a Carcaboso among all, a living rural world.

We work for the recovery, maintenance and transmission of traditions and popular culture. The care of the land with the development of agroecological projects is another line of daily work. Some of the social actions that are developed day by day are the children’s assemblies, the senate of elders and the councils of associations among others.

I continuously dynamize the movement of the associations looking for a teamwork and the common good for the municipality in front of an individualistic and competitive society.