Sandra Jean Ceas

Visual Artist

Colorado (USA)

From October 7 to October 15, 2017

Biography —

Sandra Jean Ceas (Sandy) is a Colorado artist, educator and social justice practitioner in the arts. She lives in the US, creates in her home studio, and exhibits nationally and internationally. Her work is interdisciplinary and expressed through various mediums to include installation, drawing, collage, painting, juxtaposition of objects, street art public intervention, and observational photography, with an aim to contrast cultural incongruities for collective discourse and conscious raising for justice and peace, especially where religious tension resides.

Ceas has a Master’s of Fine Art from the San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI), California, in New Genres and a Master’s of Art in Humanities from the University of Denver Colorado with an emphasis on Religious Studies. Ceas teaches at various universities including Colorado State University in the Master of Arts LEAP Program: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Arts and Advocacy and the Public.

Project —

At Faber, Ceas will use work collaboratively on an art piece that is researched based to include the definition, concept and process for developing peace within a global culture from different religious worldviews. The postmodern philosophical studies of Deleuze and Guattari will be consulted to establish a rhizome word mapping of dimensional information towards psychoanalytic conformity that can equalize the hierarchies of power. This nomadic nature of processing intelligence and enlightenment will contribute to the final outcome expressed in art. This piece will be emblematic and a tool for further dialogue around the topic of global world peace.