Sandra Balagué



From February 5 to February 12, 2019

Biography —

Graduated in Journalism (UAB, 2005), she later studied Theory of Literature and Compared Literature (UB). In the nearly 14 years that have passed since obtaining her degree in Journalism, she has exercised communication in many ways: from old-school journalism, corporate communication, and even specializing cultural management and communication. In old-school journalism, she has worked at COM Ràdio, she’s been chief editor at the magazine Escola Catalana and she has created, presented and managed the interview programme Donasses for Vilaweb TV. Concerning corporate communication, she has been responsible for communication of organisms like the European Observatory on Children’s TV. And, concerning specializing cultural management and communication, she has worked for different projects: assistant of Commissioner of triple literary year “Sales, Calders and Tísner”, Dra. Laura Borràs, technical at Institució de les Lletres Catalanes or collaborator at digital magazine Núvol.

Project —

Fourteen secret diaries, a range of books and scattered papers, various novel attempts and a desire: to give written form to my way of seeing the world. Mercè Rodoreda said that a novel is made with a lot of imponderables and also with agonies and resurrections of the soul. The imponderables are not yet clear to me, but in the last five or six years, my soul has died and it has risen several times. Start subliming all this, fiction it: this is the purpose of my stay at Faber Residency.