Sandra Álamo Nogueron

Technician in Socioeconomic Observatory of Osona


From January 28 to February 1, 2019

Biography —

She was born in Barcelona and resident in Osona since 1998. She studied Geography at the University of Barcelona, she is particularly interested in the field of applied human geography, and she likes to contribute with an holistic vision in the planning and organization of a territory. After years combining family and work life while working in the field of the international logistic sector, she had the opportunity to participate from the beginning in the launch of the Osona Socioeconomic Observatory five years ago and where she keeps leading the project. 

Project —

The project in which I will work is linked to the study of mobility. It involves building a methodological design of the mobility analysis of a territory with urban dispersion. The work includes a part of bibliographic research on similar cases, the definition of the territorial and social scope (segment and collapse), the construction of a sample with territorial representation and the definition of possible collaborating agents. In addition, the objective is to establish an action plan (chronology, contacts and collaborations) and a survey design. We will use the model in Osona but the objective is to build a model of analysis applicable in other territories.