Roy Horovitz

Actor, director and dramaturg


From September 13 to October 2, 2017

Biography —

Roy Horovitz (Israel, 1970) is a graduate of the Nisan Nativ Acting Studio, and of the Drama Department in Tel-Aviv University. He is now a PhD student in Comparative Literature at Bar-Ilan University, working on Biblical Israeli dramaturgy. 

As an actor, Roy has performed many roles for various theatres, and he has directed a succession of critically acclaimed productions, which were performed throughout Israel. He is also a Lecturer of Play Analysis and Theatre History (Tel Aviv and Haifa Universities), and between 2004-2009 was the Dramaturg and Artistic Consultant of Beer-Sheva Municipal Theatre. Between 2011-2015, he was the artistic director of the Municipal theatre in Kiryat Shmona. Roy is also a member of the Theater Department of the Israeli Council for Culture and Art, a member of the Classification Committee of immigrant theater artists with the support of the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption and a member of the Artistic Committee of MATAN – Experimental Theater Center.

Project —

His research examines modern Israeli plays, written originally in Hebrew and based on Biblical materials, which were produced throughout the years on Israeli stages.

Ever since its modest beginnings, somewhere in the end of the nineteenth Century, Jewish theatre turned to the Bible as a major source for its dramaturgy. Along the years, many Israeli writers found themselves exploring the richness and diversity of the Bible and using it for their creations.

The research, supervised by Prof. Thierry Alcoloumbre from Bar-Ilan University, wishes to follow these many productions and to look at their timing, the selected episodes, the different artistic approaches and strategies taken by different playwrights while dealing with the raw materials of the Bible, the relevance of the ancient materials to contemporary everyday life and political, economic, sociological issues in Israel and the way these productions were accepted among reviewers and audiences.