Rodrigo Aldeia Duarte

Technician at The National Archives of Brazil, Ph. D. researcher at UFRJ/IBICT (Brazil) 

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

From September 20 to October 4, 2019

Biography —

Graduated in History (2001), with a MA in Social Memory (2004). Specialization courses in Human Rights Management (2003) and Management and Cultural Policies (2015). After working as a history teacher, started at the National Archives of Brazil in 2008, involved with mediation and reference services, access to information and democratization of cultural heritage.

Former director of the Workers’ Association of the Brazilian National Archives (ASSAN). Participant to the Brazilian National Conference on Archives (2011). Elected in 2012 to represent archives in the National Council of Cultural Policies (CNPC) of the Brazilian Ministry of Culture. Member of the organizing commission of the III Brazilian National Conference of Culture. Attended the International Technical Internship on Archives (STIA), of the National Archives of France in 2013.

Former Coordinator of Access to Archives, responsible for access to originals and digitized copies of the collections of the Brazilian National Archives. Ph. D. researcher at IBICT/UFRJ.

Project at Faber —

I am currently on a research to analyze the users of information, their demands and the different ways in which they use the documents of the National Archives of Brazil, in order to understand the informational demands of academic and non-academic users of the archives. I also expect to make a general bibliographic debate considering experiments both from Brazil and the international scenario to better define the concept of user studies. During my stay at Faber I intend to examine quantitative data concerning the documentation demands of users from 2006 to 2018 and to articulate the proposed bibliographic debate.