Paul Behrens

Assistant Professor

The Hague (The Netherlands)

From March 5 to March 18, 2018

Biography —

Leiden University Profile

Paul Behrens is an Assistant Professor in Energy and Environmental Change at Leiden University in the Netherlands. He explores the ways in which human societies can flourish within environmental constraints, with a focus on energy, food, and water. Paul has recently looked at the environmental and impacts of renewable energy subsidies, the energy system under climate change, and the environmental impacts of diets. He is currently working on evaluating the impact of European Union energy policies, investigating the developments in the Chinese energy system, and exploring the international interactions between energy, food, and water.

Paul is passionate about science outreach and his research has appeared in newspapers such as The New York Times, The Independent, Newsweek, and The LA Times. He has been interviewed for the BBC, Scientific American, and National Public Radio (NPR, United States).

Project —

Renewable energies are the future. Along with other technological improvements, and social solutions, they will provide a key solution to many of the environmental issues we face. However, they need far more space than existing fossil fuel technologies due to the amount of renewable energy available. This will have implications for the way in which we use land, and land-use competition. At the Faber residency I will work on using large-scale environmental and economic models to investigate the influence of the energy transition on land use.