Patricia de Souza

Writer and translator

Ayacucho (Peru)

From October 23 to November 12, 2017

Biography —

Patricia de Souza (Ayacucho, 1964) has written a dozen books, among which are the novels: El último cuerpo de ÚrsulaStabat Mater, Electra en la ciudad and Verguenzaaside from a recent essay “Descolonizar el lenguaje”, a critical analysis of the role of women in contemporary literature. A writer and a French translator, her work is interdisciplinary and highly controversial by considering writing as a resistance to literary forms of consensus and dominance, whether novels, essays, or even journalism.  Her tireless research on the sources of language has given her the opportunity to develop an authentic and independent writing style that has been widely recognised by critics.

Project —

I am working on a new essay that addresses the representation of the woman’s body in matriarchal, Andean, and post-colonial societies. The interpretation and appreciation of some of the body’s functions, the social nexus, and the rites related to these representations serve as the basis for my reflection. I am also working on text for a new fiction, Hablar la noche, which is a series of reflections and monologues by a female insomniac. This text is a complement to the other one as it is an embodied reflection on the woman’s asocial role. The essay serves as a basis for comparison.