Oriol Soler



From 20 to 21 May 2017

Biography —

He writes news for RNE Barcelona radio and he also works as a editor and commentator of news for a revue. He has edited and presented a news bulletin in Ràdio 4 i Radio 5, «Todo Noticias». Sometimes he has published in La Vanguardia, Catalunya Plural and Altaïr Magazine. He has been publishing interviews in Verbàlia weekly for three years: he has interviewed more than 100 people from cultural, social and communication fields of Catalonia. He is member of the journalists collective SomAtents, in which he is coordinator of Retrats Circulars project; this gives resources to citizens so that they can explain their surroundings through participatory photography. The projecte has been carried out in Besòs area (Barcelona) and it already has funding for developing this in les Corts area (Barcelona).

Project —

I’m finishing the writing of some personal stories about Besòs area’s neighbours. This is going to be published as an oral memory in collaboration with Sant Martí area (Barcelona). I’m working on this with the journalist Yeray S. Iborra.